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The art of Indian jewelry and adornment dates back to the primitive species of man. They used flowers, beads, shells, and bones to decorate their bodies. Sure, the material changed with the passage of time to copper and ivory...
There is nothing in this world that can replace the joy of buying a brand new shaving razor. It is almost as same as losing your virginity until you realize that your razor lasts longer than you. The truth...
We all love to dress in the most appropriate way. That is one of the things that matters a lot. But people forget one important thing in the process. Wearing underwear the right way. Yes, wearing underwear is important....

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Popular meditation hubs across India

Meditation is a stage of mind where an individual practices an attempt to focus and quiet his mind. It offers a state of deep...

Decorate Your Office Walls With The Best Ideas!

Well, how many of you must have dreamed to decorate your office walls with something new and exciting? I guess, plenty of you. As...
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Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google are hijacking our minds and society.

In their race to monetise our attention, technology platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Google are hijacking our minds and society, says a group...

Dear boys, this psychological study reveals 3 colours that will make you more attractive

1/7 The science of attraction When you advance out, your garments and embellishments talk your style. In any case, do you realize that picking the...

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