Is There Any ‘Perfect’ Age For Getting Married?

What is the perfect or ‘right age’ to get married?

age to get married

While for some, it happens right after they fall in love for the first time, for others, it happens after numerous relationships. Most of us think that the late twenties are the best times for getting right into that wedding dress and spend rest of our lives with the perfect partner.

Well, I am certainly not a marriage counselor but I have got the word of certain people who are experts in relationships and they say that getting married in the early twenties can be good for a healthy relationship.

Having someone who can help you face the challenges of life bang on, is surely a great gift and with the correct ‘someone’, you might just end up having a blissful life, full of fun!

The Blessing of Having Someone To Love In A Permanent Way

We always keep on waiting for the right moment and the right time to get married. Even if you fall madly in love with someone, you keep on waiting for signs to tell you that it’s time to take a step further.

In reality, the sooner you try and get married the longer the marriage has a chance of lasting. Many people regret that they waited for too long and lost the love of their lives in the process.

So, the thing here is simple as that, when you meet someone you love and care about, and, if he or she is the right one for you, just get married!! Marriage does work and can work!! Little effort is all you need!

Remember That Marrying Late Doesn’t Ascertain Happiness And Bliss

For those, who think that waiting for a long time in relationships and then getting married will guarantee a lifetime of bliss, there is certainly bad news for you!

Few Figures

As quoted by Jason S. Carroll, Brigham University, the people who get married beyond their age of 20s ‘don’t appear to be any happier’ in their respective marriages.

Even several studies prove the fact that the marriages between 22 and 25 are the ones that tend to remain intact.

My Take!

Falling in love, and knowing the person well, are the two important things for a marriage, irrespective of your age! But waiting for the perfect moment or the right age to come shouldn’t be the aim!

And, as it is said that when you find the right person, the ‘right’ time comes on its own!!! Hence, it will work even if you’re in the early twenties, or in your late thirties.

So, for all my ‘not yet married’ folks, wait for the destiny to play its role!


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