How To Change The Aadhar Card Address Online?

The last date for linking Aadhar has been extended, which is definitely going to ease people to a great extent.

Aadhar card

Nowadays, from the insurance to bank accounts to the investments of mutual funds, everything has one common criterion. Yes, you guessed it right, people. It is your Aadhar number. The number of your Aadhar card has become a mandatory and important field for even simple procedures. So, it is only obvious that you need to keep these details absolutely up to date

The details in your card also need to be correct for it to work properly. This should be your main priority. If you don’t yet have such a card, then you can definitely apply for one and get it at the earliest. The last date for linking Aadhar has been extended, which is definitely going to ease people to a great extent.

How Do You Change The Address Online

There are many cases where people relocated from one address to another and faced certain issues. It was because their Aadhar card address was not updated. Well, if you are someone who is facing such issues, then the guidelines stated below will be of immense help.

As said on the website of UIDAI, you will be able to opt for an Aadhar card address change in two different ways.

#The Two Ways

The first one would be to change the address online and the other one would be to visit the office and opt for the offline procedure.

While most people chose the offline method, there are some who want the online way as well.

For changing the address in your Aadhar Card online, you have to follow these simple steps

  • Log on to the website of UIDAI for changing the address in your card
  • Once you are there on the website, you will have to click in the section that says ‘ Address Update Request (Online)’. This will open up another webpage and all you have to do next is click on ‘Proceed’ to move forward
  • The next step would be to give you the number for the card and you will immediately reserve a text alert with the verification code. This code is your OTP
  • You will be choosing whether you want an Aadhar card address change or not in the next step
  • A page will open up demanding the details of your change regarding the Aadhar card. After filling the necessary details submit your application
  • Also, you will have to offer a certain proof that the address you entered is a correct one for the procedure to work. Examples of proofs are passports, telephone bills, insurance policy and other stuff
  • Select your BPO provider and you will be able to change your address in an efficient and simple way

Wasn’t that easy as a cake? If you are currently in a situation like that, don’t forget that you have help. Keep your Aadhar updated and comply with the government guidelines!


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