Tips For A Pocket-friendly Trip in Bangalore

Well, Bangalore is a place where budget meets fun to create an awesome trip. So, buckle up as you’re going to discover some budget-friendly travel tips for your trip.

trip in bangalore

A pocket-friendly trip to any place doesn’t sound like too much fun, right and especially when it is Bangalore! I mean, you have a shoe-string budget and you can’t really do anything about it, then, where’s the fun in that?

Travelling luxuriously is what we want when we travel. Well, in case of that I would say that Bangalore is the perfect place for you. You might be thinking, why Bangalore? Well, the Bangalore tourism is such that you will be able to travel effortlessly on a budget and have lots of fun as well.

Don’t believe me? You will, after I tell you all about it, in my awesome Bangalore travel guide!

Some Tips To Help You Out

Bengaluru or Bangalore, as we still love to call it, is a fantastic travelling place. From luxury to budget trips, everything becomes as easy as anything with Bangalore tourism. Plus, when you have so much to see and do, you really don’t care about the budget right.Well, Bangalore is a place where budget meets fun to create an awesome trip. So, buckle up as you’re going to discover  some pocket-friendly travel tips for your trip.

  1. Save Money On Accommodation

No doubt, Bangalore can be an expensive place. With 5-star hotels and trendy restaurants, your money might get soaked up there. But when on a pocket-friendly trip, you must level down a bit. This not on saves a lot of money but you also get to experience the real Bangalore. 5-star hotels don’t really capture the real Bangalore, do they?

  1. Travel Light

When you travel light, you save money. (How) you ask? Well, it is certainly not a rocket ship mission, right? You are going for a vacation. And vacations require light packing. Make sure that you don’t take too much. You might shave off some extra money at the airport as well. So travel only with the things that you would need.

  1. Bangalore Food Is Best When It Is Reasonable

Well, one of the best travel tips that I can give you is to eat reasonably. Why? Well, Bangalore is a place where you get heaps of good food. Amazing street food is the specialty of the place. There is no dearth of options in Bangalore so selecting the ones that suit your budget is important. Try out Adigas, if you are there.

  1. Budget-Friendly Places To See In Bangalore

There are unlimited places in Bangalore where you can travel on a budget. For example, who doesn’t love the crowded streets of MG Road. The perfect place for shopping isn’t it?

Well, there you go. What do you think about these tips that I have for you in my Bangalore travel guide? Was it helpful? Let me know below in the comments!


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