Is Flirting Considered As Cheating- Signs You are Not Faithful To Your Partner…

You might not even realize that you are cheating. From social media flings and flirting to strip joints visits, everything borders on cheating.

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Want to know the surprising part? You might not even realize that you are cheating on your partner!

Let’s get on with some old-school Rihanna times, people!

We are going to have a long chat about infidelity.

In a relationship, there are many signs when you know you are with a cheater.

Well, finding somebody else in your house and bed will be the first sign. But then, there are some subtle signs which might indicate you as the culprit.


From social media flings and flirting to strip joints visits, everything borders on cheating. You don’t want that in your relationship, right? Well, be aware of these simple signs then!

Various Accounts for Flirty Relationships

Social Media Relationships

When you have an online relationship, things can get casual.

Why not? You are hundreds of miles away from each other and online relationships don’t really work out until the end, right?

Well, wrong! These feelings of yours might cause you to stray and pursue other options on the internet. You certainly don’t want that to happen to your relationship right?

Well, a little too keenness on social media can be a sign so beware of that.

Having Dating Accounts

Tinder is all cool and swanky, for sure. But what if you are in a relationship? Does that seem cool then? Well, it might seem to you but it might not be the same case for your partner.

For instance, you have a certain dating account. You will probably meet a lot of guys and girls in there. Did you think for once how your partner would take in the news? I mean you don’t have to be a relationship expert to understand this but that’s basically unfaithfulness on your behalf. Pretty common sense, huh!

Flirting With Colleagues

Sure, colleagues sometimes light a spark of feelings in our grim lives. Office romances are totally hip and cool. Some of them even last. But what if one of them is in a relationship? Well, that screws things up a little bit, doesn’t it? You might think that flirting at work is not really cheating on your partner, but believe me, it is!

Visiting Strip Joints

Men… have a look at that! Who doesn’t love a trip to the forbidden corners? Well, that’s cheating, if you are reading this. It might be acceptable to you, but it might not be for your partner. People have claimed that their partners cheated after they mentioned going to a strip club. And that’s totally fair!

So, that’s all for now! These signs are clear indications of infidelity. If you seem to be having any of these, I suggest that you stop right now!




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