Railway vendor fined Rs 1 lakh for using toilet water in tea and coffee

"Railways will be adopting the concept of mini-meals, which is available in airlines. Under the mini-meal concept, packed foods will be served to the passengers."


A viral video has prompted authorities to impose a fine of Rs 1 lakh on a railway vendor for using toilet water on trains to make tea and coffee.

The video showed a man in a blue shirt inside the toilet of a train filling tea cans with water. He then hands over the can to a vendor standing outside the door. The video soon went viral on social media questioning railway authorities.

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Despite promising clean food and hygienic conditions, the Indian Railways continues to find things going tough. Railway Minister Piyush Goel last month had told vendors that while quantity may be compromised upon, a dip in quality of food and beverages would be dealt with sternly.


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