WhatsApp Messeges Triggering Violence

Finally,the government on Tuesday directed Whats App to take urgent steps to prevent the spread of irresponsible messages.

Because these unwanted emotional fake messages are making people to afraid of the things around them. Similarly,the Ministry of Electronics and IT stated that the Facebook-owned company cannot evade accountability and responsibility.

The “unfortunate killings” in states like Assam, Maharastra, Karnataka, Tripura and West Bengal as “deeply painful and regrettable”. The IT Ministry said the abuse of platforms like Whats App for repeated circulation. Such provocative content is a matter of deep concern.

As a result, MEITY took serious note of these irresponsible messages and circulation in such platforms. They have reported  to the senior management of the Whats App.

The government directed the company to immediately contain the spread of such messages through the application of appropriate technology. Even as law and order machinery takes steps to apprehend the culprits.

Few months ago, there was a number of instances where mobs were instigated by fake Whats App messages. One such incident took place in a village in Dhule district of Maharastra. Five people were died due to villagers suspected them as child lifters. According to police, there had been rumors that a gang of child lifters was active in the area.
Be suspicious of the forward messages that you get in your phone. Hence, don’t forward the messages which you feel unwanted. Due to that be safe and make people to be safe



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