Bellandur Lake Will Be Cleaned By Army

Bellandur Lake is the largest lake in the city. It is a part of Bellandur drainage system that drains the southern and the south-eastern parts of the city.

The frothing Bellandur Lake, which occasionally goes up in flames too. Ithas been in the news for months now for how polluted it is. The Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA), which was tasked with cleaning up the lake, has not done much towards this in the last few months.

And now, senior BDA officials want to get rid of the responsibility of maintaining the lake. Instead, want the Army Service Centre (ASC) to take over the task of cleaning up and maintaining the lake.

Not only BDA even BBMP and BWSSB also doesn’t want to take responsibility in cleaning the lake.

The reason they want Army to clean the lake is that Army crews are more potential. Moreover, proactive in doing things of compared with rest all.

Army Cleaning Lake

In June 2011, BDA passed the responsibility to Army.1,000 jawans of the Madras Sappers de-weeded the garbage and sewage-riddled Ulsoor Lake.

The Sappers started work at 6 am, split into groups and used 8 Army boats to remove 300 truckloads of weed and garbage.What the BDA could not complete in three years after spending Rs 105 crore, the jawans finished in just eight hours.

Over a period of 10 months, the Madras Sappers regularly de-weeded the lake and they were single-handedly responsible for making the noxious lake pristine again.

With the Bellandur Lake deteriorating, the BDA once again wants the Army to take up the task cleaning it up.

Yeddyurappa Messed Up

In 2010, when BS Yeddyurappa was Chief Minister of Karnataka, the custody of 170 lakes were shifted from BBMP to BDA.

In 2017, the custody of 110 lakes was handed over to the BBMP, while the BDA retained custody of 60 lakes. Now, the BDA wants to hand over the responsibility of managing lakes altogether to the BBMP and BWSSB.

However, neither the BBMP nor BWSSB are willing to take up this responsibility. According to a senior BBMP official, the civic body lacks funds to maintain all the lakes in the city. “The Rs 20 crore allotted for rejuvenation of 40 lakes and Rs 10 crore for maintenance of the 110 lakes is not enough. How can we use that money to clean up 60 more lakes? There is not enough money,” he added.

According to the BBMP official, the marshals deployed to guard Bellandur Lake, managed to stop the BWSSB from laying a water pipeline in the lake’s buffer zone on Monday morning.

“The contractor was digging up land to lay the pipeline and the marshals stopped them. The contractor did not have BBMP permit to dig up the area. We have written to BWSSB to rectify the matter,” the BBMP official added.


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