40 Yrs Man Death Made BBMP To Release Rs 27.01 Crore For Pourakarmika’s

Lack of salaries, however, is just a part – albeit a significant part – of their problem. The pourakarmikas have to often work without gloves or safety clothing.

Non-payment of salaries, force borrowings from friends or relatives or extortionist moneylenders, is not a exclusive problem to BBMP pourakarmika’s.

40 Years Man Death Made BBMP To Release Rs 27.01 Crore

The BBMP had drawn flak after 40-year-old Subramani T, a pourakarmika, ended his life on Sunday allegedly over non-payment of salary for seven months. His death enraged both permanent and contract pourakarmikas. They threatened to go on a strike, a move that could have aggravated the garbage crisis of Bangalore.

Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), on Tuesday, released ₹27.01 crore towards payment of salaries for June.

However, by its own admission, the civic body had not paid salaries to 3,385 workers, with less than a year’s experience, for the past six months. S. Subramani, who committed suicide on Monday, was one of them.

The New Indian Express has found that this problem haunts almost all the 45,000 pourakarmikas in Karnataka working under the aegis of various city municipal corporations, and many more could follow his example if the problems of non-payment of salary and poor working and living conditions are not resolved soon.

Pourakarimaka’s Foreign Trip To Learn Waste Management

Their working and living conditions are miserable too. Women pourakarmikas often complain about lack of clean toilets. Instead of ensuring payment on time the state government come up with a grand plan. It states to send karmikas on foreign trips to learn how waste is managing there. The government is sending them in batches to Singapore as part of a study tour. “

BBMP Commissioner N. Manjunath Prasad says all arrears of six months for the 3,385 workers with less than one year experience has been clear by the zonal commissioners after verifying their bio-metric attendance as proof of work.

Sarfaraz Khan, Joint Commissioner, Solid Waste Management, BBMP said, “These are workers who recently joined the workforce in the hope that they will be taken on the rolls. Besides, they are over and above the 700:1 ratio. So we had not paid them salaries.”

But the BBMP’s action did little to pacify the anger of citizens and activists, some of who took to the streets protesting against the civic body.


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