First Engine Less 160 Kmph Train 18 In Chennai


The first-of-its-kind 16-bogie metro-like train, capable of achieving a maximum speed of 160 kilometers per hour, is ready to hit the tracks from January. Conceptualized, designed and manufactured by the Integral Coach Factory (ICF) this train will reduce travel time for passengers.

The made train-set have manufactured by ICF in a record time of 18 months and will run in the route of Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi for its inaugural ride. Only Gatiman Express touches the same speed of 160 kilometers per hour.

Unlike regular trains, this train will have a higher acceleration, making it faster to pick up of speed. Normal trains have engines, however, in Train-18, the engine will be a part of the coach.

The main features of Train-18, ICF Managing Director Sudhanshu Mani told Train 18 is that it replaces 18 coaches of Shatabdi and one or two locomotives. It contains only 16 coaches, and with faster acceleration – which will cut down travel time. It is 16 coaches because it is a train-set built for the first time in India. All the equipment is under the floor and the entire floor space will be available for passengers. Apart from that, it has many features for the safety of passengers. The main selling point is that it will cut down travel time. Once the trials are fruitful, we will manufacture more of these.

Safety Parameters

Seeing on the advanced safety features, Mani added, “Safety has been of paramount importance while we were designing. It has designed in a way that bogies on which the train rides can run at 160 kilometers per hour without the fear of any derailment. They have designed the couplings in a manner that in case of any unfortunate incident like a collision, no coach can climb over the others to ensure that injury to passengers is minimal in case of a severe accident and casualties will be zero. It also has good fire protection materials along with other safety features.

When asked if they now experience the ICF to manufacture high-speed bullet trains and metro trains. Mani says I can say now we are ready to manufacture high-speed bullet trains and metro trains, this is our first step. We have to take a few more steps, but we are adequate.
He also added that Train-18 is the best example of the “Make in India” initiative and is a gift of the ICF to Indian Railways.
Mani also praised the enthusiasm of the staff members at the ICF and credited the Train-18–the launch. It is being termed as historical and it expects to bring a paradigm change in the way Indians travel. We will create six more trains, and maintenance facilities for the train are being developed in New Delhi.


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